Andrei Lipatov is a Russian jazz pianist, composer, arranger, educator. He has completed master's degree of music education, studied jazz and classical music in Moscow Jazz College and also participated in jazz programs like Berklee at Umbria Jazz Clinics, New York Jazz Masters International Workshop. At some Moscow international jazz competitions (Gnesin Jazz, Piano in Jazz) won first prizes as "Best Arranger", "Best Accompanist" and "Best Composition" and diplomas as "Jazz Pianist".

Andrei made arrangement for Marimba Plus Duo, Angeliquie Frolova, as pianist he plays with own trio, C-Jam Club Jazz Orchestra, performed with great Valery Ponomarev, Michael Abene, Raphael Wressnig. Now he teaches jazz piano & improvisation in two music schools for children in Moscow.
Andrei is an editor of some music books like Jazz Continuo (Evgeny Grechischev, 2014).